Comfort is given by a feeling of freshness and dry

Jock Strap Pad is an innovative patented pad produced by our team, built through a production process that eliminates the problems of the cyclist’s prostate and prevent overheating. This product is innovative because a shell is constructed by thermoforming to hold the genitals and separate them from the thighs: then it avoids the stress by rubbing, the increase of the temperature and the sweating. The perforation is carried out once the pad has been completely assembled; this allows a perfect match of the ventilation holes and, therefore, a perfect transpiration, helped by the movement of pedaling, giving a feeling of cool, dry and, therefore, of well-being. This pad is protected by the international patent application PCT / IT2014 / 000162.

1) The prostate channel to zero is entirely perforated to eliminate overheating. It is perforated along its entire length, therefore, for the "pump effect" produced by the pedaling movements transmitted to the buttocks, it has a cool and dry feeling and, therefore, of well-being.

2) Total perforation of the assembled pad (for breathability). since the pad is perforated once it is fully assemblatoe then the ventilation holes coincide, we guarantee a homogeneous and optimum breathability.

3) Jockstrap concave for containment of the genital organs: The concave shape of the suspensory invites the genitals to position detached from the thighs and prevents that the bielastic fabric with wich the shorts are constructed can continuously "stress" the genitals themselves, because of the pressure and voltage - from right and left - caused by the elastomer (elastic incorporated in the fabric). It goes without saying that the shape of the shorts, cut on the bench, be changed: it is necessary to provide for the allocation of the "jock".

4) Gel heat sealed (caused by thermoforming chamber of 6 mm). Knowing the melting temperatures of the gel, playing on the gradation of the molds, we can melt the surface of the gel itself, which cools, incorporates components in only one piece. The pad becomes one body, which is resistant to washing, preventing internal components from rolling.